Can the SIS electromedical equipment be used to treat cancer?

We do not give medical advice. Here is our general reply to this question for informational purposes only: A ‘neoplasm’ is the medical term for what is commonly called a ‘malignancy’ or a cancerous growth. Neoplasms are occurrences that form over time as a result of many very complex and simultaneous processes. The SIS electromedical[…]

Does the SIS electromedical technology have the side effects of antibiotics & antiviral drugs in infection treatments?

No. None of the side effects known to be caused by antibiotics and antiviral drugs have ever been reported. Additionally, none of the side effects of antibiotics were reported by the electromedicine pioneer, American orthopedic surgeon Robert O Becker (1923-2008), nor by his research associates during their many hospital applications of silver-nylon cloth electrode iontophoresis[…]