1. What is silver iontophoresis?

Silver iontophoresis is an electromedical treatment for surface and internal body infections, and surface wound and ulcer healing.

Silver iontophoresis uses an electric voltage, just as is generated by a battery, to move atoms of silver with a positive electric charge (called ‘cations’), through living tissue.

The treatment provided by the SIS equipment is delivered via two silver electro-plated cloth electrodes (pads), positioned on the body. Depending on how the pads are positioned, the treatment can precisely target an infection deep in the body, or across the skin.

Silver iontophoresis is also effective for antibiotic resistant superbug bacterial infections, and for viral infections.

The SIS equipment achieves silver iontophoresis using super-high precision, very low intensity (amperage) direct current. The treatment is completely painless and sub-sensory.

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