Can the SIS electromedical equipment be used to treat cancer?

We do not give medical advice. Here is our general reply to this question for informational purposes only:

A ‘neoplasm’ is the medical term for what is commonly called a ‘malignancy’ or a cancerous growth. Neoplasms are occurrences that form over time as a result of many very complex and simultaneous processes.

The SIS electromedical equipment is not being developed nor claimed to be effective when applied alone in the treatment of neoplasms. We explicitly disclaim that the SIS electromedical equipment can be applied alone to treat neoplasms or cancer disease.

Many neoplasms are known to be caused by infections, in addition to many other simultaneous co-factors; these include but are not limited to the more well known neoplasms that can develop in the liver, stomach and in the cervix of females. There is some research evidence that neoplasms in other organs of the body might also be co-factor caused by infections. In so far as neoplasms have infectious agent co-factor causes, then the SIS electromedical equipment could be applied to treat these infections. However, as explained above, most neoplasms have multiple, simultaneous co-factor causes. The SIS alternating current (AC) electromedical technology can also have cellular normalizing and apoptosis effects.

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