Unique SIS Electrode Features
  • Far higher electrical conductivity (5-400×, typical 100×) than standard electrotherapy electrodes:

    Total bioelectrical circuit resistance on intact skin below 50 kiloOhms as standard and below 10 kiloOhms normally achievable.

  • Electrodes are applied with tap water and standard fixation tape.

  • SIS electrodes can conduct lower intensity and higher precision stimulation direct Output Currents and frequency based stimulation, using far lower voltages.

  • Optimal for extended applications.

  • Improved skin protection; electrodes can also be used over standard wet gauze.

  • Originally designed to meet the requirements and apprpriate for high precision surface wound stimulation.

    Further information

    Typical self-adhesive hydrogel electrodes placed in contact with intact skin typically contribute between 1-2 and up to 4 megaOhms (4,000,000) of electrical resistance per pair. SIS electrodes typically contribute only 20-50 kiloOhms (50,000) under the same conditions.

    Translated to clinical application, this means that to deliver 10 microAmperes of electric current (microcurrent) into the body with hydrogel electrodes would need 20 volts, which would damage skin and cells. In reality, with a lower applied stimulation voltage, that much current never conducts through the body. Using the SIS electrodes, only 0.2-0.5 volts would be needed to conduct the same microcurrent.

SIS Electrode Specifications
  • 4.7cm ⌀diameter SIS Small round electrode.

  • 15cm×10cm SIS Large electrode.

  • Conductive PUR coated nylon or silver electro-plated variant with (99+%) silver (Ag) active skin contacting stimulation surface material.

  • Can be used as high conducting electrotherapy electrode and with SIS machines for the treatment of surface and internal infections, wounds and ulcers.

  • New Zealand Regulatory Classifications: Class IIa (cutaneous electrode), Class III (iontophoresis electrode).

  • Regulatory Certifications (USA): Approved for TENS, EMS, IF, NMES and FES stimulation.

  • Manufacture Certifications: ISO 13485. Place of manufacture: USA.

  • Biocompatibility: ISO biological evaluation tested for skin and cell cytotoxicity, irritation and delayed-type hypersensitivity.

  • RoHS & REACH compliant.

  • SIS 4.7cm (1.87 inch) diameter Small round SIS carbon electrode

    SIS 4.7cm (1.87 inch) diameter Small round silver plated electrode

    SIS 10cm×15cm (4×6 inch) Large rectangular silver plated electrode