The SIS electrode is the highest conducting electrotherapy (electromedical) electrode in the world.

The SIS electrode is a unique electromedical (electrotherapy) device that has been cross-developed with the SIS machines.

The electrical stimulation parameters of the SIS machines and SIS electrode electrical properties have been precisely calibrated, forming an integrated treatment apparatus.

SIS Electrode Specifications
  • Far higher electrical conductivity (10-100×) than standard electrotherapy electrodes. Electrode↔skin electrical resistance below 50 kiloohms as standard and below 10 kiloohms achievable: optimal for extended applications; lower intensity and higher precision stimulation Output Currents; and improved skin protection.

  • SIS silver-nylon electrode variant: pure (99.99%) silver (Ag) active skin-contacting stimulation surface material.

  • 15cm × 10cm SIS Large electrode, for the treatment of larger area surface and internal infections, wounds and ulcers.

  • 4.7cm ⌀diameter SIS Small round electrode, for treatment of smaller area surface and internal infections, wounds and ulcers.

  • Regulatory Certifications: Class IIa (cutaneous electrode) Class III (iontophoresis electrode) Medsafe NZ WAND notified.

  • Manufacture Certifications: ISO 13485.

  • Biocompatibility: ISO Biological Evaluation of Medical Device tested for skin and cell cytotoxicity, irritation and delayed-type hypersensitivity.

  • RoHS & REACH compliant.

SIS 10cm × 15cm (4 × 6 inch) Large rectangular electrode

SIS 4.7cm (1.87 inch) diameter Small round electrode