In what infection instances can the SIS equipment be used?

Non-serious or non-life threatening infection not treated by GPStand-alone
Antibiotic resistantStand-alone or in addition and simultaneous to antibiotic therapy (ABT)
ABT failure for any other reasonStand-alone
ABT allergic or adverse reactionStand-alone
ABT side effects not toleratedStand-alone
Serious or life threatening bacterial infectionIn addition and simultaneous to ABT
Viral infection without available drug treatment or after failure of antiviral drug therapy or if antiviral drug adverse reactions or side effects not toleratedStand-alone
Vascular insufficiency or neurological vascular disease
affecting drug delivery
Stand-alone or in addition and simultaneous to ABT
First Aid and emergency disaster environmentStand-alone if effect needs to be immediate and sterilizing solution not available or trauma damaged tissues cannot be physically contacted or in addition and simultaneous to ABT
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