I have a colloidal silver generator, does the SIS technology do the same thing?

No, they are entirely different. Please continue to the link below to read about the SIS technology for infection treatments, or first read the information below. HOW IT WORKS > More information: Delivery of ingested silver ions inside the body ‘Colloidal silver’ (ionic silver solution), though certainly of use for surface infections, has limitations for[…]

Can the SIS machines M250/M20MA make ionic ‘colloidal’ silver solution?

Yes, the M250 and M250MA SIS machines are ideal and easy to use for colloidal silver production. The SIS machine electrode cable can also be easily connected to widely available pure silver rods made specifically for colloidal silver production, using the set of Alligator Clip Cable Adaptors supplied with each SIS machine M250/M250MA. The SIS[…]

Can the SIS machines be used to sterilize water?

Yes. The SIS machines M250/M250MA have also been designed for small scale water treatment and purification purposes. We have not yet conducted an independent laboratory test of water sterilization. We therefore disclaim that we imply or have any data to support or confirm the usefulness of the SIS machines for this purpose at this time.[…]