Can the SIS machines M250/M20MA make ionic ‘colloidal’ silver solution?

Yes, the M250 and M250MA SIS machines are ideal and easy to use for colloidal silver production. The SIS machine electrode cable can also be easily connected to widely available pure silver rods made specifically for colloidal silver production, using the set of Alligator Clip Cable Adaptors supplied with each SIS machine M250/M250MA. The SIS electrodes can also be used in place of silver rods, though the rate of silver ion release will be far slower.

The M250 and M250MA machines have an automatic voltage polarity reversal function, which is very useful for colloidal (ionic solution) silver production. Periodically, the voltage polarity reversal ‘cleans’ electrochemical debris from the surface of the silver rods or SIS electrodes that builds up during use. This function can be manually disabled if required.

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