If I have a microcurrent stimulator can I use it with the SIS electrodes?

Yes, but with caution and some restrictions. Refer to the WARNING below before attempting use. The SIS electrodes are only designed for use in the low microcurrent range and only with low voltages (maximum 5-10 Volts). The SIS equipment and technology should not be compared to commonly available microcurrent stimulators, either electronically or therapeutically. These[…]

Is the SIS technology for infection treatments like zappers or bioresonance devices?

No. Zappers, Rife machines, and bioresonance devices are all electromagnetic frequency generating devices. The SIS technology for infection treatments utilizes low intensity (amperage) direct current (DC); it does not have an Output Current or Output Voltage frequency, as it is DC device technology. The SIS technology and devices for infection treatments have no functional or[…]