• Enhancing Brain Neuromodulation. Gentle beneficial effects on levels of ‘neurotransmitters’ including Serotonin—related to mood, sexual function, appetite, sleep, memory, learning and some social behavior, and Melatonin—related to sleep-wake cycles, and on Cortisol and DHEA—adrenal stress and steroid hormones.

  • Brainwave Augmentation. Delivered stimulation frequencies are in the ‘Beta’ brainwave band of normal waking state of consciousness of focused activity, decision-making and general alertness.

  • Central Pain Modulation. Beneficial effects on levels of ‘neurotransmitters’, Beta-Endorphin and GABA—related to transmission of pain signals and the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms.

  • Low Voltage Cranial Stimulation Technology. Far lower (1000×) milli-volt range stimulation achieves comparative or greater therapeutic effects than high voltage devices (typically: 20-30 volts). Safer, wider application, less risks of side effects, no unnecessary optic nerve stimulation. Easier and more comfortable application—no wet sponge pads, tingling or burning under pads, and far less chance of skin irritation.

  • Advance in Cranial Electrical Stimulation. Technological development of the Liss Cranial and Body Modulated Electric Energy Stimulator USA patents. Higher precision, more targeted, state-of-the-art digital electronics generated and amplitude modulated stimulation waveform. Waveform maintained even at real-world, higher electrical circuit resistances encountered when attached to the body. Far higher precision user-adjustable stimulation intensity.

  • Robust High-End Componentry Construction. Including casing and connectors. Each unit is a precision electronics instrument, assembled and individually tested and calibrated by our engineers in our factory in Australia.
    Full 5 years electronics warranty.