Tissue Regeneration

Modification of Cells to Stem Cells for Tissue Healing and Regeneration
The SIS machine W200 model and SIS electrodes when operated in 'REGEN' operational mode, completely and accurately fulfill the specifications of the electro-stimulation method for tissue healing and regeneration pioneered and patented by American orthopedic surgeon, Robert O Becker (1923-2008).
• Unique electro-stimulation stimulates fibroblast cells in the wound to self-modify with the regrowth abilities of stem cells, for tissue regeneration.

USA Patent Documentation

How it Works
The silver iontophoresis of the SIS machine W200 model, stimulates the 'dedifferentiation' of mature 'fibroblast' cells—the dedicated cells that make fibrous tissue, in the location of the damaged tissue.

This process provides a new population of 'myofibroblast' cells, and cells with the regrowth properties of stem cells, directly within the damaged tissue. Supporting research>

• Newly modified cells with many of the regrowth abilities of stem cells, become available to remodel existing tissues and form completely new tissues, to an extent not normally possible in the human body.

Surface Wound Treatment
When applied to surface wounds, the newly modified cells are available to remodel wound site tissues during the Proliferative and Remodeling Phases of wound healing.

This electrotherapy process can also result in less scar tissue formation, with faster and better wound healing.
SIS Machine W200 Function: Real-time, self-adaptive scaling of stimulation voltage to SIS electrode size and damaged tissue properties within the low intensity microcurrent range for tissue regeneration.

Internal Fibrotic, Scar or Injured Tissue Treatment
Based on extensive clinical research and results—included first of its kind radiographically confirmed chronic lung scarring reversal—the SIS machine W200 model applied in REGEN operational mode, utilizes patented measurement data calculations to determine the appropriate electro-stimulation for any internal tissue target.
SIS Machine W200 Function: User-programmable SIS +ve electrode size for the individual application and target tissue, and self-adaptive scaling of constant, low intensity microcurrent to the programmed electrode size.

Radiology documentation of chronic lung scarring reversal


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