SIS Electrode Pack – Large

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SIS Electrode Pack Large
– Includes 4 Large size electrodes

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4 Large Silver-Nylon Electrodes.

LARGE 10cm × 15cm (4 × 6 inch) silver-nylon active stimulation area. For use as SIS +ve or -ve (‘Return’) electrode.

For use with SIS machine models: M250/M250MA/W250/WMcAMP/PACSTIM. Designed for application to many areas of the body.

Can be cut down to any size and shape.

Silver iontophoresis medicine

Electrotherapy electrode instructional video

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Weight 0.04 kg

99+% silver(Ag) plated silver-nylon.
Medsafe NZ WAND notified Class III.
ISO 13485 certified manufacture.
RoHS & REACH compliant.