Programmable AC Microcurrent Stimulator (PACSTIM) with Electrode Pack Kit

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Programmable Frequency Microcurrent Machine

  • The PACSTIM has a fully PROGRAMMABLE MODE for selection of two separate base frequencies (1-20,000 Hz), and two separate amplitude modulating frequencies (1-200 Hz) of the two base frequencies. The stimulation periods of each of the two base frequencies can both be separately programmed. Two rest periods between the two base frequency stimulation periods can also be independently programmed.


  • The PACSTIM alternating current (AC) programmable frequency microcurrent machine has been designed for use by both clinicians and at home by non healthcare professionals.


The PACSTIM shares the same advanced technical device features of the WM-Cyclic-AMP Stimulator:

Programmable Frequency Microcurrent Machine

1. Based on our survey of published specifications of microcurrent devices currently available [July 2019]



PACSTIM Operating Manual

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

PACSTIM electro-stimulator
Single channel output
Programmable Output Voltage
IP54 rated casing with shockproof silicone cover
IP68 rated electrode harness when mated (1m)
Protective carry case
Electrode pack:
2 × Small round silver-nylon SIS electrode pack (total 8 electrodes)
1 × Large 10cm×15cm silver-nylon SIS electrode pack (total 4 electrodes)
2 × Square 3.81cm [1.5"] hydrogel electrode USA made pack (total 8 electrodes)
2 × Dual connector large butterfly hydrogel electrode USA made (total 2 electrodes)
Fixomull® Stretch Tape Box 10cm × 10m
5 Year Electronics Warranty
Full user support
Lifetime free access to therapeutic frequency programs as developed and published


– Power Source: 4 × AA.
– Maximum Input Voltage: 6V.
– Maximum Output Voltage: ±3.3V.
– Maximum Internal Frequency: 48Mhz.
– Maximum Input Current: 100mA.
– Maximum Output Current: 10mA.
– Dimensions (cm) with detachable shockproof cover[enclosure only]: 105[96] (W), 48[35] (D), 153.9[145] (H).
– Weight (g) without batteries—with detachable shockproof cover[enclosure only]: 303[156].
– Volumetric weight including Treatment Pack for shipping charge is 1.5Kg.
– Electromagnetic Device Conformity to EN 60601-1-2: 2015 Edition 4.0: Medical electrical equipment, Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance – Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic disturbances – Requirements and tests; partial testing in accordance with CISPR 11: 2010—Industrial, scientific and medical equipment—Radio-frequency disturbance characteristics—Limits and methods of measurement (Australia/New Zealand/(CE Europe)) & EN 61000-4-2: 2009—electrostatic Discharge immunity CE (Europe), FCC 47 CFR Part 15 – Radio Frequency Devices, Subpart B – Unintentional Radiators, ANSI C63.4: 2014 American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Radio-Noise Emissions from Low-Voltage Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the Range of 9 kHz to 40 GHz (North America), ICES-001—Industrial,Scientific and Medical (ISM) Radio Frequency Generators Issue 4 June 2006 (Updated November 2014) (CANADA).
– RoHS compliant.