May 25, 2017

Practitioner Forum

SIS Machines Practitioner Discussion Forum

Please note: This is a practitioners only discussion forum.

Login instructions 

  1. Please go to the MY ACCOUNT page, enter your details and Login.
  2. Copy and paste the private link that was sent to you when you registered for access to the Forum into your website browser. If you have forgotten the link, please send an email requesting it again to:

Registration instructions

  1. If you have not previously registered an account, please go to the MY ACCOUNT page and register. You must register an account to gain access to the Forum (this is how the Forum software works).
  2. Please send an email requesting access to the Forum to:  In your email, please give your name and your SIS machine serial number, which is located inside the battery compartment of the device, on a white sticker.
  3. If you are a practitioner using the SIS equipment, once your registration is therefore approved, you will be emailed back with a private link to the Forum page.

Thank you for your much valued participation.