SIS Machines Project

  • The SIS machines and SIS electrodes, in addition to their clinical applications described on this website, have been specifically designed for use in both emergency and humanitarian aid situations, anywhere in the world.

    The SIS equipment has also been specifically designed for use in less developed countries and remote areas as highly durable, reusable and easily powered electrotherapy apparatus. The SIS machines and SIS electrodes can therefore serve as effective, very low-cost medical supplies.

Trauma Wounds

  • In acute trauma wounds, where effect needs to be immediate and localized, the SIS equipment can be used in the field to quickly sterilize and protect exposed tissues.

    Electrically produced silver ions have very well documented, extremely broad spectrum antimicrobial actions. Silver iontophoresis delivers silver cations via the shortest possible route directly to the injury site.

Water Treatment

  • The SIS equipment has also been designed to be used as a very low cost and almost endlessly re-usable, small-volume portable water sterilization system, in virtually any environment.

Aid Agencies

  • Aid agencies and other humanitarian groups are invited to contact us to discuss ways to arrange for the SIS equipment to be supplied or donated to their target beneficiaries.