SIS Machine W200
With Treatment Pack

$2,385.00 NZD



– SIS Machine Wound Healing Electrical Stimulation Electrotherapy Device –

The SIS machine W200 model applies patent pending, ‘smart’ algorithms to determine the optimum stimulation for the individual wound. This electrostimulation approach results in faster wound healing with less scar tissue. The constant silver ion delivery to the wound bed treats and prevents infection.

The W200 model SIS machine technology integrates key electro-physiological wound healing and tissue regeneration medical science that has remained in the research field until now.

The SIS machine W200 model and SIS electrodes treatment system can be applied to all kinds of surface wounds and ulcers including:

  • Non-healing chronic wounds
  • Diabetic leg and foot ulcers
  • Infected wounds
  • Post-surgical wounds (infected)
  • Trauma wounds (protection, sterilization)
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers (“bedsores”)
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections

Additionally, the SIS machine W200 model when operated in ‘REGEN’ operational mode, completely and accurately fulfills the specifications of the electro-stimulation method for tissue healing and regeneration pioneered and patented by American orthopedic surgeon, Robert O Becker.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Operating temperature range (stable): -10 to +60°C.
Input Voltage (3 × AAA)
Maximum Output Voltage 6.91V
Maximum Output Current 8mA
Output Current: ±100nA (1uA­-20uA), ±420nA (20uA-­200uA), across 30kΩ 0.1% Sense Resistor
Output Voltage: ±10mV, across 30kΩ 0.1% Sense Resistor
Resistance Measuring Accuracy ±10%
Proportional-integral-derivative real-time temperature circuit calibration and control
Dimensions (cm)—with detachable shockproof cover/[enclosure only]: 76/[69](W), 36.5(28)(D), 121.9/[115](H).
Weight (g) without batteries—with detachable shockproof cover/[enclosure only]: 292/[147]. Volumetric weight including Treatment Pack for shipping charge is 1.5Kg.
AS/NZS (RCM), Europe (CE) and USA (FCC) electromagnetic field electronics emissions conformity.
RoHS compliant.


SIS Machine W200
WOUND and REGEN (tissue regeneration) operational modes
1m electrode harness
ABS Instrument Case
Treatment Pack:
Electrode Kit (Total 16 Electrode Pads) – website value: $168
4 × pack of 4 Small Electrodes
Fixomull® Transparent Tape Box 10cm × 10m – website value: $92
Full user support
Access to Practitioner Forum for clinicians