• Direct constant-current silver ion delivery to any internal or surface infection. Silver ions electrochemically bind to microorganisms and disable them.

  • Can target even hard-to-reach bacterial and viral infections anywhere in the body.

  • Effective against antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

  • Leading replacement of antibiotics and antiviral drugs.

  • Reduces pain.

  • No drug side effects or risks.

  • 100% noninvasive.

  • Quick and easy to apply.


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M200 Operating Manual

Audio-Visual Alerts Quick Reference Guide

Electrode Positioning Diagrams for Common Infections

Instructional Video


The SIS machine M200 model is a unique technology, very high accuracy and user-programmable nano- to microcurrent electrotherapy stimulator.

Microcurrent (microampere current) is very different to the larger milliampere electrical stimulation provided by TENS machines. Microcurrents are far smaller currents (1000×), in the range of many of the body's natural bioelectric signals.

Unique SIS machine M200 model microcurrent stimulation features:

  • Lower microcurrent. Ultra-low direct microcurrent (DC) capable, down to 100 nanoamperes constant Output Current floor.

  • Higher accuracy. High resolution ±100 nanoamperes user-programmable Output Current adjustment step size, and Output Current accuracy, between 0-20 microamperes.

  • Higher stimulation stability. Full feedback proportional-integral-derivative (PID) real-time circuit temperature calibration for continuous Output Current accuracy with environmental changes.

  • Electrode contact monitoring. Smart, algorithm driven, self-adaptive, real-time and statistical electrode↔skin contact monitoring; audio-visual alerts ensure continuous and optimal stimulation.

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