Our advertisements for our medical devices are designed to comply with the current New Zealand (NZ) Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Therapeutic Products Codes of Practice. For the individual consumer (independent end-user), reference to serious diseases, conditions, ailments or defects without prior approval from Medsafe NZ are prohibited. User testimonials or professional endorsements for medical devices are in breach of section 58 of the Medicines Act and are therefore also prohibited. SIS Manufacturing Ltd has adpoted self-regulation for its advertising communications. Also, all of our promotional material is intended to be "legal, decent and honest and prepared with a sense of social responsibility to the consumer and society as a whole, and with due respect to the rules of fair competition". Our advertising is thereby also deliberately in line with the Medical Technology Association of New Zealand's (MTANZ) Code of Practice 2016 for Advertising and Promotion of Products.

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