SIS Machine W200
With Treatment Pack

$2,295.00 NZD

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).


The W200 employs patent pending, self-adaptive algorithms for individualized, optimum wound healing electro-stimulation. The W200 technology integrates key electro-physiological wound healing and tissue regeneration medical science that has remained in the research field until now.

  • Direct constant-current silver ion delivery to the wound bed for treatment and prevention of infection.
  • Calculates, then supplements or replaces in real-time the overriding wound healing bioelectric ‘current of injury’.
  • Additional stimulation operational modes stimulate cellular modification to ‘stem cells’ for tissue regeneration.

This equipment can be applied to all kinds of wounds including:

– Non-healing wounds
– Diabetic ulcers
– Chronic wounds
– Non-closing wounds
– Infected wounds
– Open wounds
– Surgical wounds (infected)
– Emergency trauma wound (protection, sterilization)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Operating temperature range (stable): -10 to +60°C.
Input Voltage (3 × AAA)
Maximum Output Voltage 6.91V
Maximum Output Current 8mA
Output Current: ±100nA (1uA­-20uA), ±420nA (20uA-­200uA), across 30kΩ 0.1% Sense Resistor
Output Voltage: ±10mV, across 30kΩ 0.1% Sense Resistor
Resistance Measuring Accuracy ±10%
Proportional-integral-derivative real-time temperature circuit calibration and control
Dimensions (cm)—with detachable shockproof cover/[enclosure only]: 76/[69](W), 28/[19.5](D), 121.9/[115](H).
Weight (g) without batteries—with detachable shockproof cover/[enclosure only]: 165/[110].
AS/NZS (RCM), Europe (CE) and USA (FCC) electromagnetic field electronics emissions conformity.
RoHS compliant.


SIS Machine W200
WOUND and REGEN (tissue regeneration) operational modes
1m super-high quality Electrode Harness
ABS Instrument Case
Treatment Pack:
Electrode Kit (Total 16 Electrode Pads) – website value: $224
1 × pack of 4 Large Electrodes
3 × pack of 4 Small Electrodes
Fixomull® Transparent Tape Box 10cm × 10m – website value: $91
Full user support
Access to Practitioner Forum for clinicians