Superbugs: SIS technology solutions

Tags: MDR antibiotic-resistant superbug

The SIS technology provides an effective solution to multi drug resistant superbug infections, which is ready for immediate implementation. The SIS electro-stimulator and silver-nylon electrode treatment system can be applied for effective treatments of MDR antibiotic-resistant superbug infections.

The advantage of the SIS technology is that it does not depend on which particular species of bacteria or virus is causing an infection.

The SIS electrostimulation ‘mechanisms of action’ are very different to that of pharmaceutical antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Additionally, the SIS technology does not rely on just one mechanism of action. There are multiple, known and established¬†mechanisms of action of silver iontophoresis and low-intensity direct current (LIDC) that occur simultaneously and in synergy.

Read how the SIS technology works for infection treatments: